Clarification of Research Findings

It has come to my attention that a 1999 I study I completed with Dr. Louis Franzini ("Heteronegativism? The attitudes of gay men and lesbians toward heterosexuals") has been interpreted as saying gay people are more "heterophobic" than heterosexual people are homophobic. This is the opposite of what the research indicated.

Our study found that, despite experiencing much discrimination due to their sexual orientation, gay men and lesbians were on the whole remarkably positive in their attitudes toward heterosexuals, much more positive than heterosexual people were toward gay and lesbian individuals, despite the heterosexual participants reporting little discrimination based on sexual orientation. Any other portrayal is a mischaracterization of our research.

I support full legal equality for all people regardless of sexual orientation, and would strongly object to our research being used to further discriminitory policies.


White, S. M. & Franzini, L. R. (1999). Heteronegativism? The attitudes of gay men and lesbians toward heterosexuals. Journal of Homosexuality, 37, 65-79.