Frequently Asked Questions about Homosexuality

Why are some people gay?
American Psychological Association link

Is sexual orientation a choice?
American Psychological Association link

Can sexual orientation be changed?
American Psychological Association link about change and "conversion therapies"
American Medical Association link about"conversion therapies"
UC Davis site about change
American Psychiatric Association position pager on attempts to change orientation ("reparative" or "conversion therapies")
American Psychological Association position pager on attempts to change orientation
PFLAG page about "reparative therapy"/"conversion therapy"
American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on Homosexuality and Adolescence (RE9332).

Is homosexuality a mental illness?
American Psychological Association page
UC Davis page
American Psychiatric Association link on mental illness
National Association of Social Workers page

What is bisexuality?
Bisexual Resource Center pamphlet

Can lesbians and gay men be parents?
Human Rights Campaign page.

What proportion of the population is gay?
Kinsey Institute page.

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